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Whether you are a visitor or from the neighbourhood, Nilgiris is a tea house to call home.

Serving Tea"Nilgiris", which means "Blue Mountains", is a range of mountains in South India often enshrouded in a gossamer blue veil of mist. Vast portions of the high slopes are carpeted with the vibrant green of tea bushes. In the early part of the growing cycle the carpet is embroidered with ivory-coloured tea blossoms. The tea is harvested by picking the fresh leaves from the bushes -- all by hand, and invariably by women.

The highest quality tea is obtained by searching out and picking the new growth in the shape of two leaves with a tender bud nestled between them; hence our logo, "two leaves and a bud", which symbolizes the very best quality in tea.

Karyn Ironside  
Owned & Operated by Karyn Ironside  

Tea grown and processed in the Nilgiris ranks among the most flavourful to be had and is exported all over the world; but there are also millions of people living right in the Nilgiris and throughout India who daily enjoy the delicate aroma and exquisite taste of freshly brewed tea.

We have had the opportunity many times, having lived in the Nilgiris, of experiencing refreshment and relaxation with family and friends or in thoughtful solitude over a fragrant cup of tea, in an atmosphere of warmth and welcome. At Nilgiris Tea House we want to share the experience with you.